Pacmoon V2 ‘Social Validators’ Goes Live

A rundown of Pacmoon's V2 Social Validators program.


Posted on May 30, 2024

Pacmoon V2 just launched alongside their new website, and a full document of their new Social Validators program. Having concluded Season 4 with the airdrop amounts TBA on June 3rd, Pacmoon’s next steps are to fully activate their new Social Validators program.


Without a doubt, Pacmoon has become the face of Blast culture and a beacon of innovation in the crypto space, consistently introducing fresh approaches each season.

Pacmoon V2

Pacmoon V2 aims to broaden its social farming program by decentralizing the process. Not only creators will be able to earn $PAC now, but holders of $PAC are now able to earn points by determining which content earns points through likes (think $DEGEN on Warpcast, but on Twitter - and with Blast Gold incentives).


Here’s a breakdown:

  1. To become a Social Validator, you must hold over 10,000 $PAC or $wPAC.
    1. As a social validator: Earn $PAC by liking tweets that include @pacmoon_, Pacmoon, or $PAC. The more $PAC you hold, the more $PAC you can earn (1 point per 100 $PAC).
      1. As a creator: When a Social Validator likes your tweet about Pacmoon, you will earn points based on how much $PAC they hold.
        Both holders of $PAC and the creator making content on Pacmoon receive points
        Both holders of $PAC and the creator making content on Pacmoon receive points

        From here on, every month, $1M worth of $PAC will be distributed to the community, with a 75% allocation to creators and the remaining 25% for Social Validators.

        A portion of the monthly airdrop will also go towards creators we repost on the Pacmoon account and to people who report bad actors.

        Pacmoon's core objective has always been to incentivize creators to produce high-quality content on Twitter. Lamboland, Pacmoon’s marketing strategist, emphasizes their marketing approach in our recent interview:

        Our marketing strategy is all about incentives. We believe incentives drive outcomes in crypto and Blast has the strongest incentives out of any blockchain.

        - Lamboland

        Why Social Validators?


        Note: the rules have slightly changed to accomodate the new program - they warn that if any of these are broken, points will be removed.

        Additionally, they have re-introduced a referral program, this time, those who refer can earn a 10% bonus in points for each person invited to Pacmoon.

        Following this news, the price of $PAC surged +22% from $0.155 to $0.19.

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