Interview with Lamboland, the marketing mastermind behind Pacmoon ($PAC)

Pacmoon ($PAC) is a community coin on Blast that has been blowing up recently with a unique social strategy. Lamboland is the team member behind it all, we interview him in this article.


Posted on Apr 13, 2024

Pacmoon is a "community coin" project that launched on Blast, tapping on the creativity of the community through well-thought incentives. In the past month, Pacmoon has re-ignited the meta of ‘social farming’, offering creators a novel way to engage, create, and earn rewards.


At the heart of it: incentivizing creators to produce high-quality content on Twitter, in exchange for a distribution of $PAC tokens through their rewards programs.

To participate, users simply need to connect their wallet with their Twitter account and begin sharing content related to Pacmoon. Each post that receives a like from the @pacmoon_ account earns the user 1 point for every view. These points can then be redeemed for $PAC tokens at the end of each season.

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