The Market Speaks: $BLAST TGE Airdrop Analysis

Delve into the market's reaction to the highly-anticipated $BLAST TGE airdrop, its broader implications for crypto, and what's next for the Blast ecosystem.


Posted on Jun 27, 2024

After many months of farming grind (or fun, you tell me) with Blast Gold, the highly-anticipated $BLAST airdrop finally happened.

At launch, the token traded at a market cap of $350M ($2b FDV), lower than the market cap of $BLUR (the NFT marketplace founded by Pacman) at the time, despite being a whole entire blockchain more than what Blur is.

At the time of writing, Blast is up 20%+ on the daily after a Coinbase listing announcement.

From Coinmarketcap
From Coinmarketcap

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