Pluid Weekly Roundup #22

Ansem agrees to fight Andrew Tate at Crypto Fight Week Dubai in December Phantom teases a Monad integration PleasrDAO “serves” Martin Shrekli after streaming private listening event of WuTangClub album Photon teases Season 1 of airdrops coming on June 17 Ansem launches Bullpen’s first product, a platform and bot for onchain trading ZK airdrop allocation checker goes live Uniswap acquires Crypto: The Game Sofamon, a platform for Telegram stickers, is coming to Blast with Gold to distribute Iggy launches mobile phone service, ‘Unreal’, with $MOTHER integration Elon Musk says he knows about "dogwifhat" on his gaming livestream Dan Bilzerian considers dropping a token, says “the stock market is a rigged game” @ionet CEO Shadid steps down, effective immediately Arbitrum DAO vote for a 200M ARB (~$200M USD) gaming grant goes through Fantasy Top announces New Leagues, with 600k Blast Gold up for grabs Sandbox raises $20M at $1B valuation, to build decentralized metaverse for mobile phones Andrew Tate actively participates in memecoin craze, says “I will crash the Solana network” Black GCR (KSI) returns with a single post and ticker ($ICP) Gangster Arena announces a 100% allocation of tokens to the community ETH on exchanges at lowest since 2015 PirateNation’s $PIRATE to launch on June 13 with 50% of the supply for community Celebrity Hulk Hogan releases $HULK memecoin on, rugs to 0 Franklin Templeton, an asset manager with $1.53T, plans to create fund to invest in altcoins Robinhood acquires Bitstamp, one of the oldest crypto exchanges Vaneck announces ETH price targets for 2030; Base case $22K, bull $154K, bear $360 Coinbase announces “Smart Wallets”


Posted on Jun 12, 2024

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Sources: Pluid, TylerD

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FeaturedPluid Weekly Roundup #24

Pluid Weekly Roundup #24

SEC Chair Gary Gensler says the process to spot Ethereum ETF approval is going smoothly Ethereum memecoin $MOG is up 88.8% in the past week Blur announces Season 3 of Blur Farming was allocated 3% of BLAST Blast announces tokenomics and TGE date Vaneck US changes their Twitter PFP to a Pudgy Penguin Midnight Society, the studio behind DEADROP , terminates the relationship with DrDisrespect CryptoPunk #627 was sold for Ξ250.000 ($838,080) on CryptoPunks marketplace Ronin zkEVM testnet goes live German Government reportedly transferred 400 BTC to a CEX Dexscreener launches a pump(.)fun competitor called “Moonshot” Kanav Kariya, Jump Trading president, leaves the company Blast launches Arcade Research, a platform to build products and tools on the chainMaplestoryU announces ‘The Genesis’ social quests AI Arena $NRN token goes live Pacmoon announces partnership with Mocaverse, create content to earn $MOCA Mt. Gox to Distribute Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash repayments starting beginning of July 2024 Upbit, a South Korean exchange, confirms $BLAST Day 1 Listing Pudgy Penguins announce Igloo Inc, parent company to Pudgy Penguins and OverpassIP Founders of $BEER memecoin raised $41m+ in presale for $WATER Someone wins 100k Blast Gold with just 3k Pluid announces ‘Pluid Pro’ soft launch for NFT holders and those with access codes Winklevoss twins donated 30.94 BTC ($2M USD) to Donald Trump’s Campaign Azuki hires Steve Chung as first COO, to help expand AnimeChain LayerZero announces "Proof-of-Donation", requiring $0.10 per $ZRO tokens claimed

Jun 26, 2024

Pluid Weekly Roundup #25

Pluid Weekly Roundup #25

BORPA memecoin founder cuts ties with EntangleFi over disagreements Blast announces ‘Phase 2 Guide’ for users, including info on Points, Gold, Vesting, etc Celebrity token launcher Sahil suspended on X 6.62M WLD to be unlocked per day for the next 730 days Runescape-inspired game ‘Cambria’ raises $2.5M in seed round led by BitkraftVC MaplestoryU Pioneer Test registration goes live Sentient raises $85M in seed round led by Founders Fund, Pantera, and Framework Circle achieves MiCA compliance, enabling USDC and EURC issuance in Europe Jupiter announces new ‘J4J Roadmap’ for next few months Pudgy Penguins floor jumps to 12+ ETH, leading ETH NFT rebound surpasses Ethereum in 24h revenue Polkadot spent $37M in outreach during H1 2024, has less than 2 years of runway PayPal's stablecoin $PYUSD goes live for trading on Jupiter Exchange A wallet sweeps ~$1M in Mad Lads NFT, bringing the floor up to 105+ SOL Sony to launch a Crypto exchange in Japan Warpcast introduces Pay feature on mobile app Blast introduces Blast Governance, first Proposal to enable points for $BLAST holders Igloo Inc acquires Frame to build Abstract Chain, to pioneer “consumer crypto” SEC sues Consensys for operating as an unregistered securities broker via Metamask ‘Blinks’ on Solana goes live, enabling crypto tipping with just a Google account 21Shares files for a spot Solana ETF Beacon mints out 10K collection, raises $4M+ Ethereum memecoin $MOG hits a new all time high Vaneck files for a Solana Trust $BLAST token TGE airdrop goes live with Phase 2 focused on the "Fullstack Chain"

Jul 3, 2024

Pluid Weekly Roundup #26

Pluid Weekly Roundup #26

Mocaverse announces MOCA airdrop live on July 11 Cobie points out that most influencers on CT are feds Blast Foundation passes proposal to enable 2x points for BLAST holders Solana flips Ethereum in 7-day DEX volume Ronaldinho shares the WATER token on his Instagram story to his 76M followers Paypal's stablecoin just reached half a billion circulating supply 250M $USDC was minted at USDC treasury on the Solana blockchain Loopify announces Treeverse Open Alpha in August Blast Phase 2 Gold distribution 1 goes live Every spot Ethereum ETF applicant has filed updated S-1's Lionel Messi promotes the WATER token on his Instagram story to his 504M followers Threadguy releases podcast with Andrew Tate, discuss crypto Open Campus introduces the EDU Chain Hackathon series with a prize pool of $1M 3AC buys a Seerlight NFT artwork for 20 ETH Bitcoin reclaims $58k after a 25% monthly decline Memeland refunds all burned Steaks for BORPA New memecoin $BILLY hits $200m amidst market downturn Jupiter Exchange’s ASR staking rewards now live for DAO participants to claim Whale purchase of 57 Quantum Cats ordinals boosts floor price to 0.26 BTC Pacman states importance of a focus on the short to medium term Fidenza sells for 20 ETH, lowest sale in years Mt Gox transfers $2.7B in BTC from cold wallets Bitcoin experiences largest single-day drop in 320 days Hamster Kombat hits 239 million users within 81 days Justin Sun announces interest to OTC purchase all of German government’s BTC Pacman hosts AMA and clarifies Blast governance structure, token drops -15% Forbes reports Trump pushes for Bitcoin as a strategic reserve asset

Jul 10, 2024

Pluid Weekly Roundup #27

Pluid Weekly Roundup #27

Bitcoin reclaims $66,000, ETH $3,500 ApeChain testnet ‘Curtis’ goes live Doodles’ official trailer for ‘Dullsville and the Doodleverse’ goes live Wasabi Protocol revamps trading UX, with new activity tracking page LiFi Bridge exploited resulting in $10M of user funds lost, now contained BoldLeonidas’ 100 ‘Boldinals’ collection have been inscribed Trump chooses pro-crypto JD Vance as Vice President $POPCAT leads memecoin rally, hitting new all-time high of $830M Kraken receives funds from Mt.Gox Trustee, to be distributed in 7-14 days ETH ETFs to launch 23rd July according to Balchunas, Senior Bloomberg Analyst BlackRock CEO Larry Fink declares Bitcoin "digital gold" on TV Kuroro Beasts launches ‘Kuroro Ranch’ on Telegram XAI Games partners with Peeking Duck Studio to launch MAYG Donald Trump to attend and speak at Bitcoin conference in late July EAR memecoin hits $30m MC in 6 hours Donald Trump survives assassination attempt, crypto rallies China to reconsider ban on Bitcoin in Q4 2024 Pirate Nation NFTs hit a new all-time high amidst slow NFT market German Government runs out of Bitcoin to sell SEC halts investigation into Bitcoin L2 Stacks developer, Hiro $250 million USDC gets minted to the USDC Treasury $1.64T asset manager Goldman Sachs to launch three tokenization projects in 2024 Mocaverse token $MOCA goes live for claim and trading Axie Infinity Season 4 to start on 22nd July CPI comes in at 3.0% for June 2024 - the expected number was 3.1% Animoca Brands reports $90M revenue in Q1 2024 financial reports

Jul 17, 2024