Pluid Weekly Roundup #21

Velocore DEX gets hacked for ~$2.6M, Linea halts block production Wasabi Protocol surpasses $500M in trading volume Paypal USD stablecoin PYUSD, issued by Paxos, is live on Solana Stats (punk9059) raises Blast Gold value estimate to $7.36 Blast distributes 10M Gold in Distribution 4 Souljaboy thanks ZachXBT for calling his past scams out on X spaces Gemini announces $2.18B worth of digital assets have been returned back to users Bitcoin Runes ‘DOG’ nears $1B market cap Ordinals rebound from local lows, Puppets lead the rally Dapper Labs settles a $4M NFT lawsuit regarding NBA Top Shot Moments Pacmoon Airdrop 4 goes live Wasabi Protocol’s ‘Blastin’ Pepes’ announce mint times Base brings back ‘Onchain Summer’ with commemorative NFT mint Photon hints at a token airdrop Iggy plans integration of $MOTHER and other cryptos into new companies to further utility Roaring Kitty tweets, sends GME flying past $100M MC in hours is now earning 750k each day post-hack, now with $30M total revenue Stats (punk9059) reports “fake volume” on Magic Eden Cobie tries to buy CryptoPunks IP but Yuga Labs says it's not for sale $MOTHER surges to 85M market cap after Iggy Azalea changes her PFP to a MadLads partners with Bubblemaps to help users track dev wallet distribution and snipers Pacmoon V2 goes live with their new Social Validators program AI Wayfinder contracts go live on Jun 6, with $PRIME staking for $PROMPT enabled Wolf Game teases the opening of ‘Deep Caves’ in their recent Blast migration Blockchain gaming projects have raised $4.23B+ to date Mythical Games partners with Pudgy Penguins to build new mobile party game


Posted on Jun 5, 2024

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Sources: Pluid, TylerD

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Pluid Weekly Roundup #18

Lens Protocol announces launch of the Lens Network on Zksync Polymarket raises $45m Series B led by Founders Fund, 1confirmation, DragonFly, Vitalik Buterin, and more Antonio Juliano, founder of dYdX, steps down as CEO Layer 3 Degen Chain had a 500K block reorg Roaring Kitty returns to crypto - GME pumps Blast Jackpot - BAJA #5, Blast Penguins #6, Juice #7 - all dump following Jackpot win JP Morgan discloses spot BTC ETF Holdings EIGEN token ‘stakedrop’ claims open Majors: Bitcoin falls 3-4%, Ethereum dips below 3k Blast announces Gold Distribution 3 numbers, now live Binance fires Head of Surveillance after flagging DWF's suspected market manipulation Donald Trump says he will push to keep Crypto businesses in the US Foundation’s Curatorial Branch, Forever Projects, launches AI art exhibition, ‘Simulacra’ Fantasy Top closes Main Tournament 1 day early to prevent malicious activity VanEck's Market Vector launches $MEMECOIN index ft. $DOGE, $SHIB, $PEPE, $WIF, $FLOKI and $BONK Pudgy Toys are now available in Gamestop Grail ETH NFTs (Punks, BAYC, and Spirit Azuki) sell 0-trait Punk 741 sold for 270 ETH ($790K+) Pudgy Penguins release Pudgy Toys on Target Fantasy Top Main Tournament 2 begins Wolf Game announces migration to Blast, with free soulbound NFT mint Fantasy Top announces 40 new heroes

May 15, 2024

Pluid Weekly Roundup #19

Pluid Weekly Roundup #19

Donald Trump's presidential campaign accepts BTC and Crypto donations Farcaster raises $150M led by Paradigm with participation from a16z Crypto and others VanEck’s Spot ETH ETF listed on DTCC with ticker $ETHV Blast reaches $3.2 Billion in TVL ETH moves +20% in a day anticipating the approval of the ETH ETF James Seyffart and Eric Balchunas from Bloomberg up ETH ETF odds from 25% to 75% Someone buys $345k worth of $PAC, single-handedly moving the price to $0.26 gets exploited for $1.9M, hacker gets detained in London Pacman clarifies the value of Blast Points and Gold Sam Trabucco submitted a character reference letter for Ryan Salame on the 6th of May Blast delays TGE until June 26th and announces 2 new Gold distributions Pudgy Toys go live in Big W, one of the largest retail chains in Australia Imaginary Ones collaborates with Hugo Boss for wearables on Roblox Pudgy Penguins secures a strategic partnership with Lotte to expand in South Korea Pixelmon’s token $MON goes live on Memeland’s Stakeland platform Wolf Game migrates ‘Cave Game’ to Blast, 20k Blast Sheep NFTs minted Wolf Game's $bWOOL goes live on Wasabi Protocol, hits $10M TVL in less than 2 days

May 22, 2024

Pluid Weekly Roundup #20

Pluid Weekly Roundup #20

ADA falls out of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap 'Livestreaming' goes live on hints at ‘Club Wars’ Blast becomes a top 6 chain by TVL Trump asked if BTC could be leveraged to solve U.S. national debt problem Jenner’s team was socially engineered by a dev who goes by the name Sahil Donald Trump says “The future of Bitcoin and crypto will be made in the USA” Coinbase Chief Legal Officer says Ethereum is effectively deemed a commodity The spot Ethereum ETF gets approved by the SEC FIT21 bill passes house vote CNBC talk about the possibility of a spot Solana ETF Iggy Azalea stealth launches a memecoin, hosts a Twitter Spaces as it hits $20M MC Pacmoon v2 ‘Social Validators’ goes live tomorrow, details shared Caitlyn Jenner shills token $JENNER on IG and X Open Campus ID holders can earn OC Points by learning with Pluid Pacmoon wins the Blast Jackpot for the 3rd time $PEPE the frog surges to new ATH at $7B market cap after ETH ETF approval ETH NFTs and Ordinals bleed - Punks trade at 30E Golden Boxes in Cave Game must now be purchased with bWOOL Pixelmon’s $MON goes live, trades at $50M MC/$400M FDV initially Wolf Game’s ‘Cave Game’ goes live on Blast - burns 1M bWOOL in 3 hours

May 29, 2024

Pluid Weekly Roundup #21

Pluid Weekly Roundup #21

Ansem agrees to fight Andrew Tate at Crypto Fight Week Dubai in December Phantom teases a Monad integration PleasrDAO “serves” Martin Shrekli after streaming private listening event of WuTangClub album Photon teases Season 1 of airdrops coming on June 17 Ansem launches Bullpen’s first product, a platform and bot for onchain trading ZK airdrop allocation checker goes live Uniswap acquires Crypto: The Game Sofamon, a platform for Telegram stickers, is coming to Blast with Gold to distribute Iggy launches mobile phone service, ‘Unreal’, with $MOTHER integration Elon Musk says he knows about "dogwifhat" on his gaming livestream Dan Bilzerian considers dropping a token, says “the stock market is a rigged game” @ionet CEO Shadid steps down, effective immediately Arbitrum DAO vote for a 200M ARB (~$200M USD) gaming grant goes through Fantasy Top announces New Leagues, with 600k Blast Gold up for grabs Sandbox raises $20M at $1B valuation, to build decentralized metaverse for mobile phones Andrew Tate actively participates in memecoin craze, says “I will crash the Solana network” Black GCR (KSI) returns with a single post and ticker ($ICP) Gangster Arena announces a 100% allocation of tokens to the community ETH on exchanges at lowest since 2015 PirateNation’s $PIRATE to launch on June 13 with 50% of the supply for community Celebrity Hulk Hogan releases $HULK memecoin on, rugs to 0 Franklin Templeton, an asset manager with $1.53T, plans to create fund to invest in altcoins Robinhood acquires Bitstamp, one of the oldest crypto exchanges Vaneck announces ETH price targets for 2030; Base case $22K, bull $154K, bear $360 Coinbase announces “Smart Wallets”

Jun 12, 2024