OpenCampus' EDU Chain and Principal Node Sales

We spoke with members of the EDU Foundation, including Yat Siu, on Open Campus' move to build EDU Chain and the Principal Node Sales that come with it.


Posted on May 28, 2024

As the world and economy become increasingly digital, the need for education to transition onchain is clearer than ever. This shift promises enhanced self-ownership, recognition and compensation for students, educators, and builders through decentralization.

To address this need, OpenCampus is building EDU Chain, the first-ever Layer 3 platform specifically designed for the education sector. Their goal is to foster a vibrant dApp ecosystem for their growing network of partners, developers, and learners.

OpenCampus launched its protocol token, $EDU, on Binance Launchpad in April 2023, currently trading at around a $1B fully diluted valuation (at the time of writing). Since then, they have been actively expanding their ecosystem through accelerator programs and funding initiatives like ‘OC-X’.

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