Interview with Payton, Founder of WolvesDAO

Payton, leader/Founder of WolvesDAO shares his journey into web3, his thoughts on the market, and his future goals in this exclusive interview.


Posted on Jun 24, 2024

Payton, fearless leader behind WolvesDAO, the "gaming cabal", has made his way through the world of web3 by journeying into content creation on Youtube, to curating a discord of likeminded avid researchers. Now he's heavily involved within the web3 gaming industry, currently working with the marketing team at Shrapnel, and advising projects on the side like Avarik Saga.

In this exclusive interview, Payton shares his journey into web3, how he sees the current market, and offers a glimpse into his future goals.

Without further adieu, Payton 👇


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