An overview of a platform that aims to change the way games reward players and how they're designed.


Posted on Jul 4, 2024


In the world of online gaming, keeping up with the latest trends and technology is key to providing players with the best experience possible. That's where Funtico comes in. It's a new platform that aims to shake things up by changing the way games reward players and how they're designed.

Funtico aims to not just be your ‘usual’ gaming platform, it's designed to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for gamers of all kinds. Whether you're into action games, puzzles, or strategy, Funtico are trying to build that space for everyone. Also, there are big prizes up for grabs in tournaments, and plenty of rewards to earn by completing challenges and hitting milestones.



Funtico transforms in-game assets into unique, secure possessions exclusively owned by players. This marks a pivotal shift in the gaming landscape, granting players unprecedented control over their gaming experiences. At the heart of Funtico's vision lies a gaming platform driven by rewarding gameplay experiences. 

Three Core Principles

Emphasis on Rewards: The platform prioritizes rewards, offering high-quality competition-based games that empower players. Regular distributions of rewards, accessible to all users based on their ‘engagement levels’, ensure inclusivity and fairness.

Seamless Integration: The team emphasizes straightforward gameplay accessible to all. The goal is to enhance user experience.

Tournament Emphasis (In depth analysis in later section): Funtico revolves around tournaments, providing players with guaranteed prize pool rewards as they engage with games on the platform. Events and tournaments serve as focal points for community engagement and interaction.

To fulfill this vision, Funtico positions itself as the preferred choice for Web2 game publishers while evolving into the gamer-centric Web3 platform. The aim is to establish a foundation that offers players different gaming experiences and rewards that come with it.

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Founder: Eli Tuson

Established in 2021, Funtico brings together a team of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience all in various sectors of the gaming industry. From skilled game developers to experienced marketers and seasoned entrepreneurs to blockchain experts, the team seems united by a shared passion for innovation and a commitment to creating new gaming experiences. 



Funtico's influence is even stronger through their extensive network of partners, which includes renowned people and brands within the industry such as Raiden, GameSwift, and Orangie. These strategic partnerships not only expand Funticos exposure within the space but also enrich the platform with different insights and new solutions. By collaborating with these partners, they gain a lot of experience, especially with names like Raiden and Orangie who can give a unique POV because of how deep they are into web3 gaming and how it’s become the main focus of their careers.


The Funtico Platform offers a range of services for gamers and developers, which includes the Funtico 360 Studio, NFT Marketplace, Creator’s Studio, loyalty programs, and more.

360 Studio

At Funtico 360 Studio, a complete solution caters to most aspects of the gaming experience. It covers game publishing and the development of engaging reward systems for players. Developers are invited to publish their games with Funtico, accessing a wide, gaming community that can potentially contribute to the success of their projects.

Moreover, support is provided for Web2 games that are interested in transitioning to the Web3 space through API and SDK integration. Tools like these, allow teams to add blockchain technology into their games without removing a complete overhaul of their existing concepts. Additionally, expertise in tokenomics is offered to assist games in implementing simplified in-game economies based on a single token, $TICO (more info in ‘Economics’ section).

Within the 360 Studio, there is a range of management tools available for game developers, including a marketing platform, player management features, and a dashboard. These tools allow developers to have instant access to the Funtico Marketplace and different integrations that track player progression and rewards.

NFT Marketplace

The Funtico Marketplace acts as a bridge between in-game actions and virtual items, providing a safe space to buy in-game items as NFTs.

One notable aspect is how the platform simplifies the whole ‘Web3 process’. Items you buy are kept super safe and insured, so you get that instant satisfaction just like in regular games, without dealing with all the blockchain ‘confusion’ all the time. You only deal with the blockchain when you decide to move your items off the Funtico platform. This shows that you don't need to be a ‘tech whiz’ when on the Funtico platform.

Brief Analysis on Engagement and Rewards

Platform Rank Progression (PRP):

  • Encourages players to stay active and improve their skills by giving them ranks.
    • Gives players cool things like special items and NFTs based on how much they play and how good they are.
      • Helps players see how far they've progressed in the particular game they're playing.


        • Gives players prizes for playing games and doing well in tournaments.
          • The prizes are things you can use in the game, like items and packs.
            • Shows appreciation to players for playing and competing.

              Scratch Cards:

              • Gives players a fun way to win prizes instantly.
                • You scratch the card to see what you've won, which could be digital items or NFTs.
                  • Adds some excitement and surprise to the rewards.

                    Loot Boxes:

                    • You can get these boxes by doing different things in the game.
                      • Inside, you might find ‘special’ rewards as the team describes them.
                        • They include things like special boxes, starter packs, and rewards for reaching big achievements.

                          Affiliate Program:

                          • Encourages people to help grow the community.
                            • Rewards players, content creators, and others for bringing more people to the platform.
                              • Helps the community grow in an organic way.

                                Loyalty Program:

                                • Gives special rewards to players who stick around and play a lot.
                                  • Offers different kinds of rewards to make the game more fun.
                                    • Shows appreciation for players who keep coming back.

                                      Tournaments and Participation

                                      Funtico emphasizes player engagement through regular tournaments, categorized as Big Prize and Regular, offering diverse competitive opportunities.

                                      Major Tournaments

                                      • Big Prize tournaments (major tournaments) occur monthly or seasonally, with rewards exceeding 100,000 USDT and also popular external NFTs to enhance platform variety.
                                        • Structured with semi-final and final stages, participants access events using consumable tickets, allowing competitive community spirit and collaboration.
                                          • Partnerships enable community-tailored tournaments, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

                                            Regular Tournaments

                                            • Funtico has various tournament formats, from contests lasting minutes to extended ones lasting hours, with entry fees payable in $TICO tokens.
                                              • Tournament results remain undisclosed until they are completed, ensuring fairness, with rewards and $TICO distributed based on verified placement.


                                                • Users can track their tournament standings through Leaderboards, categorized by time-specific intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly).
                                                  • Leaderboards also serve as a valuable tool for players to track their progress and eligibility for rewards.

                                                    Player/character customisation

                                                    In Funtico, players have access to a wide range of avatar customization features, including both static and animated options, to personalize their experience on the platform. This feature enhances player identity by allowing them to choose elements that resonate with their individuality.

                                                    Players can acquire custom avatars, borders, and cursors through various channels: by progressing through player ranks, reaching milestones in different Funtico games, or buying them using a secondary currency earned within the platform.



                                                    $TICO plays a central role in every aspect of the platform, serving as the ‘foundation’ of the entire Funtico ecosystem. Every item available on the platform can be acquired using $TICO, and any additional token utilities within the ecosystem will be facilitated by $TICO.


                                                    What can $TICO be used for?


                                                    $TICO token allocations

                                                    $TICO will be distributed as follows:

                                                    • 20%: In-game rewards and limited edition NFTs.
                                                      • 10%: Treasury reserve.
                                                        • 10%: Liquidity pool creation for $TICO. This ensures improved market liquidity, reduced   price slippage, and enhanced trading efficiency, allowing a stable and accessible environment for the community.
                                                          • 10%: Marketing efforts and partnership grants.
                                                            • 20%: Private and strategic sales.
                                                              • 18%: Team and Funtico foundation.
                                                                • 6.5%: Advisors and key opinion leaders (KOLs) assisting in reaching Funtico's business goals.
                                                                  • 5.5%: Public distribution through presale and token generation events (TGE).


                                                                    Gaming is an industry that is constantly evolving. The team at funtico seems ready to adapt to the challenges that lie ahead as they forge the Funtico ecosystem into the gaming platform of the future. Note that the roadmap below is subject to change as the team may face certain issues during the future and after this article is uploaded.



                                                                    Funtico is poised to have an impact on the gaming industry by offering a comprehensive platform that prioritizes player engagement and rewards. With two of the main focuses being inclusivity and innovation, the team at Funtico aims to cater to gamers of all preferences and skill levels.

                                                                    As the project continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how the Web3 gaming community, particularly on platforms like Crypto Twitter, reacts to Funticos progress and new updates that roll out in the near future.

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