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Posted on Jun 8, 2024


Exverse is an engaging AI powered first-person shooter (FPS) set in the year 2085, utilizing Unreal Engine 5 to blend intense gameplay with Web3 mechanics. This game offers a post-apocalyptic setting where players can engage in thrilling battles, explore a rich storyline, and participate in various gameplay modes. 


Set in 2080, Earth's plants and fungi began emitting a deadly toxin, killing millions and forcing humanity into space. Scientists discovered the toxins were released intentionally, prompting an expedition to explore Earth's dangerous zones, collect samples, and find a way to purify and possibly restore the planet. Survivors are faced with two choices, to save Earth or to seek a new home beyond the Solar System.


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Exverse operates in the web3 space, emphasizing growth, collaboration, and diversity, as reflected in their skillful team.

Core Team

Nikita Uriupin - Co-Founder

An experienced Senior Level Global Growth and BD Director, Nikita has a proven track record in NFT, blockchain gaming, and web3 start - ups. He is described by Exverse as a ‘creative problem solver’ with extensive experience in strategy, branding, and marketing.

A serial entrepreneur with a broad professional background, Ooi Fei Hoong, also known as "WhiteGlint," is the CEO of Exverse. He is recognized in the web3 community as an ‘emerging leader’ within the space, NFTs, and the play-to-earn market. Fei is known for his forward-thinking ability to identify trends and help his team understand market and consumer behaviour shifts.

Dmitry Bychkov - Head of Game Development

Specializing in Unreal Engine and network programming, Dmitry Bychkov has contributed to projects at notable companies such as Holmgard Games and Darkness Squad.

Gameplay and Reviews

On the Battle Planet, players compete in a large battleground arena with a shrinking ring that gradually closes in. Staying outside the ring for too long results in elimination. Think of it as the ‘storm’ in a game like fortnite or the ‘gas’ as some people would say. The objective is to be the last player or team standing by eliminating all other opponents. Matches begin with players skydiving from the Exverse Battle Titan aircraft into a large map - just like the conventional BR games that exist - starting with minimal equipment to ensure a level playing field.


Quest Planet

Quest Planet hosts clan raids, missions, seasonal events, and special partnership events. Players need to team up to overcome various challenges and earn rewards.

Social Planet

The Social Planet is the main hub for all players in the Exverse. It is the place for community events, clan creation, major events, and building long-lasting relationships and experiences with other players.

Game modes

Since launch Exverse players have been able to explore the Battle Planet Lobby with the below modes being added on over time as the teams development progresses:

PVP Modes

  • Free for all
    • Capture the flag
      • Area Domination
        • Defend/Destroy Objectives
          • Team Deathmatch

            By using Gameplay modes inspired by Call of Duty (COD), Exverse attracts many FPS fans who are already familiar with these types of modes, making it easier for new players to get into the game. The success of COD's modes means Exverse can offer exciting and competitive experiences that keep players coming back. 

            PVE modes

            Exverse offers game modes for players who enjoy team-based gameplay against computer-controlled enemies, with rewards based on performance, leaderboard rankings, and clan rankings.

            Horde Rush:

            In Horde Rush, players battle waves of AI enemies, aiming to survive as long as possible. The difficulty increases over time, and so do the rewards.

            Daily Missions:

            In Daily Missions, players cooperate to complete various objectives, such as surviving, defending, or retrieving items, to earn rewards.


            In Raids, players team up with their clan to defeat a boss with global HP that everyone contributes to. Higher rewards are given to those who participate and deal more damage. If the boss isn't defeated by the end of the week, players still receive rewards. With limited entries, clans must strategize to maximize their efforts.

            Note that rewards are based on the percentage of damage done to the boss.


            How do you progress while playing?

            In Exverse player's progression comes in the form of levels & ranks. Throughout the season players are be able to level up their account level to unlock more skins, token rewards & NFT rewards. Top-performing players will be able to unlock special icons, badges & more to stand out from the community (prestige system in COD).

            In-game Skins/NFTs

            In Exverse, players can earn skins by collecting skin fragments, getting rewards from season passes, buying them in the marketplace, or purchasing exclusive partner NFTs. Now because the game is free to play, the team made the decision to keep these NFT skins purely cosmetic, keeping the game fair, and they help players earn more tokens based on their rarity and traits, which change each season.


            Players can merge their NFTs in the marketplace. This process uses tokens and NFTs and has a success rate. If the merge fails, some NFTs are returned to the player.


            Fragments are earned by doing well in game modes and have different rarity levels. They can be merged to form a full NFT or sold in the marketplace. If a merge fails, the player gets some fragments back, with a few being burned.


            Game Development and Roadmap

            Exverse has outlined several ambitious goals for its future development, aiming to enhance the platform and provide a richer user experience.

            DAO Implementation

            Exverse will introduce a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to manage its metaverse. This system will allow community members to have a say in how the platform is run by proposing any changes they think should be made to the platform and feedback.

            World Constructor

            In the works is a feature called the World Constructor, which will let players build their own worlds and game modes. With this tool, players can create and customize their own assets, like land, buildings, and game modes, to make their own Exverse map/game. Think of it as a creative/playground mode from a game like Fortnite.

            Entertainment Expansion 

            Exverse will host a range of virtual entertainment events, such as music festivals and concerts, offering users a diverse and engaging experience.

            Next-Gen E-Commerce

            Exverse plans to integrate e-commerce into its metaverse, allowing companies to sell goods and services. For instance, users could buy virtual items with $EXVG tokens and have them delivered in the real world. Initially, users will be able to convert their token earnings into coupons for real-world purchases. But overall the goal for the team is to use $EXVG tokens solely for these purchases and transactions.



            As outlined in the roadmap, Exverse has not yet launched publicly. However, they made significant strides by launching an alpha tournament in April. This tournament was exclusively available to Exverse pass holders and partner projects, offering them a unique opportunity to experience and play the game early. This alpha tournament served as a play - testing phase, allowing the developers to gather feedback and fine tune the gameplay before the full public release. 

            Game Economy

            The Exverse economy is powered by hard and soft currency: $EXVG and EXVS. $EXVG token is the primary token and EXVS is the in-game currency.

            Beginning with the $EXVG token, there are many different ways to obtain it. You can either earn, sell or stake $EXVG. Here is a mini table below for the utilities of the token and ways you can start earning $EXVG:


            $EXVG Tokenomics

            400M $EXVG were minted to support the development, expansion & growth of Exverse while rewarding the team and its early supporters. Full Tokenomics below:


            $EXVS Token

            EXVS is the in-game currency. The only way to obtain EXVS is to play the game and interact with the in-game system. Players can use EXVS tokens to acquire in-game assets like skins, season passes, and exclusive content.


            The Marketplace

            To bridge Web2 and Web3 gamers, Exverse has made using the marketplace simple. Players can buy NFTs, season passes, and exclusive content with $EXVG or EXVS. They can also use credit cards to buy any NFT or asset on the marketplace. 

            Note that players can turn their $EXVG earnings into coupons for vendors like Amazon and Grab.


            Exverse’s blend of traditional FPS gameplay with Web3 mechanics can interest both web3 and web2 gamers. With upcoming features like a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and the World Constructor tool, Exverse aims to give players more control and customisation options, which could enhance long-term engagement and foster a stable player base.

            The game’s plans for virtual entertainment and e-commerce show the team's forward-thinking approach that could broaden the game's appeal. By hosting virtual events like music festivals and concerts, and integrating e-commerce where players can use in-game tokens for real-world purchases, Exverse is trying to create a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. These developments could potentially suggest a promising future for Exverse, focused on improving the gaming experience and building a strong metaverse for its community.

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