An overview of Avalon, a multi-genre MMO 'metaverse' game, powered by AI.


Posted on Jun 21, 2024


The highly anticipated Avalon is an up and coming disruptor in the web3 gaming space - a multi-genre MMO universe developed using Unreal Engine 5, powered by AI, and driven by user creation.

Think of Avalon as an open, interoperable, decentralized gaming universe with AI-powered NPCs and AI-assisted UGC tools, where users have the ability to be both players and creators of their own worlds for other players to experience, becoming an ever-evolving interconnected ecosystem (if you thought of ‘Ready Player One’, you’re on the right track).

After several years of game development and cultivating an engaged community, it looks like the project is gearing up for its next steps, such as their early access in Q3 2024.

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